Sale of high quality Danish masurbirch

We have plenty of knife handle material in stock. If you dont find the knife block you are looking for, have any questions or would like to stop by, you are always welcome to contact us.

We established a plantation of masurbirch in 2000 and started in 2017. Today we are specialized in production and sale of knife handle material and sell our knife blocks all over the world.


Growing a unique product of top-quality curly birch.

Seeing the beautiful work done by dedicatet and skilled knifemakers.

Motivate and inspirers us to go on and raise the quality of our knife handle material to meet your demands.


We don’t cut as many pieces as possible – We cut the best pieces for knifemaking.


In 2021 we added stabilized masurbirch knife blocks to our assortment. All our stabilized knife blocks are grown and cut by in Denmark.


Our knife blocks are stabilized by Raffir. Raffir is experts in stabilizing knife handle material and known for high quality products.


Masurbirch is perfect for custom knife making.

It’s easy to work with.

Suitable for stabilization.

Curlybirch has a completely unique structure and is found in many variations.

It has a special ability to absorb color and you get really good results with for example leather dye.


Our shop only shows a small part of our stock. Don’t hesitate to contact us for special wishes.


Best regards Mette and Claus,